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The newest edition of Chubb Collectors was just sent out and includes three articles, one on vintage auto collecting, an interesting look at independent registrars and the thrived buying art at auction.

Synopsis and links to the articles
The Art of the Automobile
Like most collectors of vintage Corvettes and motorcycles, Fred Haase knows and appreciates the beauty that lies within the details. But he doesn t just collect cars; Haase, who once worked as a sketch artist for NASA during the Apollo Space Program, is one of only a handful of contemporary American artists who specialize in painting automotive portraits ...


A World Of Their Own: Independent Registrars Ease The Burden Of Large Collections
Most collectors know that museums have registrars who meticulously manage their collections. It is less well known that many registrars operate independently, assisting private collectors with storage, identification, conservation, framing, insurance and the many other details inherent in owning and displaying works of art, antiques and collectibles.

A Beginner s Guide To Buying At Auction
In the old days, auctions were the exclusive domain of art and antique dealers but, today, more and more private individuals are buying everything from fine art to fine wine, antiquities to contemporary design, direct from auction. This article offers helpful pointers for the novice bidder ....
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