New Appraisal Books

I am running a bit behind on reviewing some recently published books which are pertinent to personal property appraising. I may have mentioned some of them in past posts, but I have yet to dedicate a full post on each of these books.  I am sure there are others, but the books I will post on over the next week or two include
These books should be in every appraisers reference library.  There are plenty of books on product knowledge for both fine art and the dec arts, but there is a limited amount of quality published material which is current available.  More on each book in the coming weeks.

Follow the book title links above for more information or should you wish to purchase immediately.

If you are not current with the newest ideas and concepts in appraising fine and decorative arts, with new research concepts, updated content on USPAP, the latest on art as an asset class and how to blend your specialty knowledge with appraisal theory and methodology you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

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