New Book: Artful Dodgers, Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market

I just received a copy of Artful Dodgers, Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market, the new book by fellow appraiser Bernard Ewell.  I had seen parts of the new book earlier this year as I published an excerpt of it in the 2014 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies called the Dali Dilemma.

I am now just starting to read, and will have more comments later, but if you wish to order a copy in it on Amazon, click HERE for the order page. It is available as both a downloadable Kindle version or in paperback.

Bernard makes some very kind comments in the chapter about appraisers and both the Appraiser Workshops Blog and the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies, stating how these independent publications were developed to fill voids by the various societies and are tools for those who are serious about the professionalism of appraisers.

The book has some of my favorite topi cs, including art law, appraiser, markets, authenticity, connoissurship and of course art fraud. I will give more feedback once I am a bit further into reading and enjoying the new book.

Chapters include

  1. What People Don't Know About the Art Market
  2. The Six Myths That Drive the Art Market
  3. Art Fraud: The Third Largest Crime
  4. And the Games Continue
  5. Confessions of an Art Detective
  6. Connoissurship - It's Critical and Not So Hard
  7. Is It Is, or Is It Ain't (Authenticity)
  8. Art Law
  9. What's Wrong with Appraisers
  10. The Dali Dilemma (ed. published in the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies)
From the Amazon website

Who really knows how the art market works? Here, for the first time, art detective, veteran appraiser and international art expert Bernard Ewell opens the door and gives you a tour of the world's most unregulated market, one unlike any other which does not even follow the rules of modern economics. There are actually two art markets, with one operating as if it was the other, while both depend on The Six Myths That Drive The Art Market. Perception is everything and pervasive secrecy is the unbreakable rule. The players, the con men and the larger than life personalities are better than the characters created by novelists. You'll meet the crooks and their victims and realize that both are actually our creation. We all participate in the fraud and foolishness that props up an art market that buys and sells civilization's greatest treasures and most horrible junk. Be prepared to put aside everything you think you know and have heard from art dealers and read in the press. The international auction houses, the big name galleries, superstar artists, and the museums are haunted by fakes and forgeries which collectors usually buy for all the wrong reasons. Arrogance or ignorance? It's both. The art market is where the intent to deceive meets contributory negligence and willful ignorance and most of those who have been defrauded don't even know it. This book will entertain you as it gives you the tools to more fully enjoy and safely buy art.
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