Art-Care Update

As many readers are aware, I have been a big supporter of Judith Tartt and her directory website Art-Care. Judith has recently been making big changes to the site, one being it becoming fee based, the other is using those fees to start advertising the Art-Care directory. If you are unfamiliar with Art-Care, it is a directory website listing art professionals, including the following categories.
  • Appraisal
  • Archival Framing
  • Art Consultants
  • Art Insurance
  • Art Storage & Transportation
  • Art Supplies
  • Auctions
  • Collection Management
  • Conservation
  • Conservation Supplies
  • Decorative Matting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Estate Planning & Legal Services
  • Exhibition Design
  • Gilded Objects & Frames Society of Gilders
  • Independent Curators
  • Lighting
What is unique about the site is those who wish to join must belong to a professional association, such as appraisers, framers and conservators must belong to a recognized organization such as ISA, ASA, AAA, AIC, Gilders Society, PPFA etc.  This insures the proper level and professionalism of the list, and ensures we are comfortable with the other professionals on the list.

What I like about the site is that it is a listing for all art professionals, not just appraisers, or art handlers, so many collectors and affiliated professionals can search the site and find an auction house to sell, and insurer to insure a collection, a framer to frame, and of course find qualified appraisers. I am not aware of any other site doing anything similar or better.  With the upcoming planned advertising campaign, and the pledge of membership dollars being pledged for more promotions, the membership fees are extremely reasonable.

Art-Care reports on upcoming advertising
Art-Care is sending this message to you because we feel that Art-Care offers you a great opportunity to express your skills, education, and work to the public. Art-Care is committed to a large scale campaign where we will be buying advertising space in national art and antique magazines. Attached is the ad that will appear in the September issue of Antiques & Fine Arts magazine.

A similar advertisement appeared in the anniversary edition 2014 of Antiques & Fine Art magazine. We intend to buy two half page ads in Art in America and Art News Winter editions, January 2015. If you want to be part of this program and you are an Appraiser with credentials that fulfill our requirements then join us at Art-Care or renew your membership at the $120 per year. All of your membership fees go entirely this advertising effort! Because we are not a nonprofit we have the ability to actively market our site and thus directly provide the public access to all the professional experts who are listed with us.
Source: Art-Care

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