I had recently heard rumors about a group of strong regional auction houses partnering in a new auction platform.  I received an email from Rago Auctions this morning announcing the new platform, called Bidsquare. It appears several auction houses have started their own auction platform and will be moving away from other established platforms such as Invaluable and Liveauctioneers.

Bidsquare initially has six auction houses participating in the new online platform. They include
  • Skinner
  • Rago
  • Pook and Pook
  • Leslie Hindmin
  • Cowans
  • Brunk
The interesting aspect of this for appraisers is that there is a search function for upcoming as well as past auction sales from these six houses. The ability to simultaneously search these six regional auction which typically obtain excellent consignments will make life easier for many appraisers.  The Rago release states there are over 600,000 searchable archived lots from the various auction houses. These six eastern auction houses have a strong following from dealers and collectors and are very strong for middle to high end consignments and auction sales.

All you have to do is complete a quick and simple registration form, and then you have access to the archives.

Rago reported on Bidsquare

The first is Bidsquare. Bidsquare is a new online bidding platform that hosts auctions from established auctioneers of good reputation with great stuff to sell. Rago is proud to be one of the six auction houses that founded Bidsquare and launched it this week. We created it for bidders looking for desirable property that is plentiful and varied and honestly described. We built it to be easy, reliable and secure. You'll find property on Bidsquare that you won't find elsewhere - more and more all the time. There will be live as well as timed auctions from the founding auction houses, as well as other established and reputable auctioneers invited to join us on Bidsquare. You'll find useful and interesting information on the Bidsquare blog and Bidsquare social media. There's also an ever-growing database that already holds 600,000+ records - sales results from all participating auction houses - all freely accessed in one easy, integrated search.
Source: Bidsquare

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