Good, Better, Best Appraiser Workshop Scheduled For Nov 8 & 9

The Good, Better, "Best" Appraiser Workshop

Saturday November 8th and Sunday November 9th, 2014
1120 North Fairfax Street 
in beautiful downtown Alexandria, VA.

Are you aware of the most sustainable income generating markets for appraisers that will guarantee consistent income for the next 10 or 15 years? Are you scheduling jobs back to back and hiring other professionals because you are swamped and need help to keep up?   Are you ready to learn the insider secrets, strategies and what really works in your profession?  Are you knowledgeable in your field but don't know how to do the business and make money?  Are you ready to become a competent and qualified appraiser accumulating status and repeat business with the IRS, CPA's, Trust Officers, Insurance Companies, Financial Planners and Bankers?

Never before has there been a more exciting time like this for appraisers. This workshop is something for you to get excited about!  You won't be disappointed.

This very unique “hands on” workshop teaches the Appraiser how to:

Session One:
Close the Sale and Determine The Scope of Work
Prepare Contracts and Obtain Deposits
Prepare for the On-Site Inspection and Learn How to Deal With Client Challenges
Research Using New Methods and Learn New Technological Techniques
Learn About Valuation Theory.  (Appraisal Foundation's proposed course requirements).
Session Two:
Simulate an Appraisal Inspection
Learn Property Identification and Analysis Techniques
Advance Product Knowledge and Advance Specialty Area Knowledge
Learn How to Use Ultra Violet Light to Detect Restorations
Learn How to Write Property Descriptions and Condition Reports

You will receive sample contracts, forms, glossaries and documents which are used everyday by successful and experienced appraisers and be provided with a CD of all forms and they will also be included in your Course workbook.  You will receive 16 Professional Development Credits and a Certificate of Completion.

Attendees will have the rare opportunity to completely inspect and study the furniture, fine art, sculpture, decorative arts, porcelains, pottery and much more at the Potomac Company Auctioneers.

The workshop is a natural progression after taking the Core Courses because it is designed to get the appraiser into the mainstream appraisal profession fast.  New Appraisers will have the opportunity to simulate an appraisal inspection and gain the confidence and skills needed to act like old pros, while old pros will add new skills needed to expand a practice and advance your qualified status in the appraisal industry.  We teach you how to do the business in the real world and cut through the mustard!

The workshop instructors are Todd Sigety, ISA CAPP and past President of The International Society of Appraisers.  Todd is also the Director of Appraisals for Potomac Company Auctioneers.  Jane Brennom, ISA CAPP past President of The Gulf Coast Chapter and past core course instructor for ISA.

Contact us for pricing and availability. We purposely keep the class sizes small to enhance interaction and discussion during the workshop. Click on the link below to check out who we are, about the workshops, and for further information and registration. Website:   www.appraiserworkshops.com or call us now at 703-836-1020.
Registration information is on the Appraiser Workshops website, just follow the source link.

Source: The Appraiser Workshops

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Hello, what airport do we fly into to attend the Good, Better, Best course? Thanks, Greg.