Assumptions and Ownership

I have not yet had a chance to read and review (heading to Charleston for a wedding) a new article entitled How Assumptions of Ownership Impact an Appraisal Under the 2014/2015 Edition of USPAP. The article was written by Judith Pearson, President of ARIS Title and Deborah Spanierman, AAA.

The AAA press release stated (follow the source link to download the article).
I am pleased to share with you an article titled, “How Assumptions of Ownership Impact An Appraisal Under the 2014-15 Edition of USPAP.” The article focuses on the expanded responsibilities of the appraiser as related to issues of title. This article was written by Judith Pearson, President, ARIS Title Insurance, with contributions made by Deborah Gerstler Spanierman, President, DGS Fine Art Consultants.
Source: Appraises Association of America

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