Good, Better Best Appraiser Worskhop

We held our Good, Better, Best Appraiser Workshop at the Potomack Company this weekend. We had a full house of 14 appraisers (we had our max at 15 but unfortunately one appraiser had to cancel).  Overall the program, appraisers and venue were outstanding. This particular group of appraisers was excellent, contributing and participating in many appraisal related discussions and left the workshop as better and more informed appraisers.

We look forward to more workshops, and we plan to develop a new programs including a workshop for developing value solutions and working through valuation problems.

From our discussions with appraisers, developing credible valuation solutions seems to be an area where there is much need and interest from the appraisal community. We were also asked for a new program specifically dealing with furniture identification, evaluation and valuation. It is certainly nice to see the interest for additional training and education from fellow appraisers, as well as the faith in the Appraiser Workshop programs and our ability to deliver quality and interesting workshops. If you missed this weekends program, please keep an eye on the blog and website for information for our next program

Back to regular posts tomorrow.

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