Become a USPAP AQB Qualified Instructor

The next instructor certification course will be held on March 31-April 3, 2016 in Columbus, OH. For more information on this program, please visit the Appraisal Foundation website by clicking on the link direct below and be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions document. 

Instructor requirements follow:
The AQB has adopted the following requirements for individuals (Applicants) applying to become an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor. In this respect, by requiring Applicants to meet the following minimum criteria, their role as educators will be enhanced and uniformity in the quality of instructors served. 
1. Applicants must have at least 7 years of appraisal experience prior to the date of application. One year of appraisal experience is defined as a 12-month period when the applicant spent a majority (more than 50%) of their professional time appraising real property, personal property, or businesses. 

2. Applicants must have a minimum of 35 hours of direct appraisal-related teaching experience, which was acquired within the last 5 years whereby the Applicant was the primary or principal instructor. (For examples of appraisal-related topics please visit Guide Note 1 of the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria.) In order to qualify as teaching experience, the appraisal course or seminar must have been taught in a live classroom or other live or synchronous venue allowing 
direct, real time interaction between the instructor and the students. Asynchronous distance education courses/seminars are not applicable for use as teaching experience. Furthermore, the courses/seminars taught must meet at least one of the following minimum requirements: 

a) The course/seminar is approved by the AQB Course Approval Program; 

b) The course/seminar is approved by a US state or territory for state 

appraisal certification or licensing credit; 

c) The course is taught through an accredited college or university; or 

d) The course/seminar is approved for credit through an established 

professional appraisal organization 

3. As of the date of the application, the Applicant’s appraisal certifications, licenses and other professional credentials must be in good standing in and with all jurisdictions and organizations in which the Applicant holds such certifications, licenses, professional designations and other credentials. 

4. The Applicant must not be the subject of any disciplinary action within five (5) years immediately preceding the date of application. A disciplinary action shall mean any adverse, final, and non-appealable decision by: 

a) a state regulatory, administrative, or judicial authority of competent 

b) the professional practice committee, or like body, of the organization in 

c) any resolution of a proceeding achieved through a settlement resulting in jurisdiction where the credentialing authority has either suspended or revoked the Applicant’s appraisal certification, license, or other credential; 

which the Applicant is a member where the credentialing authority has either suspended or revoked the Applicant’s designation or professional credential; the payment of money or the imposition of a sanction or penalty relating to, concerning or arising from my professional conduct as an appraiser by a lawful authority having jurisdiction over them; 

professional certification, license or other credential; or to a felony 

d) any proceeding resulting in the Applicant voluntarily surrendering any 

e) any conviction of, pleading guilty to, or entering a plea of nolo contendre

5. If the Applicant is the subject of any current or on-going investigation or proceeding of any kind anytime as of the date of application in which the professional conduct of the instructor is at issue, the Applicant must notify the Foundation in writing within 30 days, the final disposition of that proceeding. 

6. Applicants may take the Instructor Certification Course no more than two (2) times over any consecutive ten (10) year period. If an applicant fails the examination required to pass the Instructor Certification Course, he or she may retake the examination no more than one (1) time after each course offering. Therefore, applicants may take no more than four (4) course examinations within 
any consecutive 10-year period

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