Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies - 2016

The newest edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies is now available for sale.  The cost is only $55.00 plus shipping. The 2016 edition has 17 articles and over 400 pages of appraisal related content.

All proceeds support the scholarships of the Foundation for Appraisal Education.

The 2016 edition has some rather interesting articles, from administrative discussions on saving and backing up critical data to selecting the most common market. If you missed appraiser Tony Pernicone's workshops on Picasso prints, the next best thing is his article Pablo Picasso: The Graphic Wizard. Or perhaps a blockage formula, authentication issues, certificates of authenticity, a mid-century modern primer, or understanding Japanese swords, or a look at the Detroit Institute of Arts appraisals, it is all in the 2016 edition.

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Contributing Authors
Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies - 2016

Darlene Bialowski - Saving Critical Data
Leon Castner - Diminution of Value: More Questions Than Answers
Cris Drugan - Understanding the Japanese Sword
Libby Holloway - The Effects of American Nationalism on Design in the Federal Period
Beverly Schreiber Jacoby - Museum Collections as Salable Property or Cultural Treasure?  Reflections on the Detroit Institute of Art Valuation Controversy
Sang-hee O'Reilly - Reconceptualizing the COA: Exploring the Divergent Roles of the Certificate of Authenticity
Tony Pernicone - Pablo Picasso: The Graphic Wizard
Francine Proulx - Discovering the Unknown: From Estate Appraisal to Mt. Vernon Exhibit for Newly Found Latrobe Watercolor
Sarah Reeder - An Introduction to Appraising Mid-Century Modern Furniture
Steve Roach - A Study in Contrasts: Understanding Today's Rare Coin Market
Justin Rogers - Refining Blockage Discounts Using the Present Value of Future Earnings Formula
Cindy Charleston Rosenberg - Is It "Right"? - Emerging Authentication Expectations, Best Practices & New Ways Forward in The Wake of Knoedler
Daphne Rosenzweig - Blood-Sweating Horses of Tang
Kirsten Smolensky - Diminution of Value: More Questions Than Answers
Kirsten Smolensky - Choosing the Most Common Market for IRS Appraisal Reports
Todd W. Sigety - Collection Protection
Victor Weiner - Appraising Art in the Realm of Fraud: The Luke Brugnara Case
Darlene N. Wong - Micro Mosaics: Relics of the Victorian Grand Tour, Part I
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