IRS Art Appraisal Services Job Opening

I just heard the IRS is looking to fill a position of art appraiser. The job is posted for Washington DC, Miami Florida and New York.  The posting will close on June 6, 2016, so if you are interested you should apply quickly. Please bear in mind the IRS Art Appraisal Services division appraisers typically look at property valued over $50,000, so it might be wise to promote the upper end for experience.

Duties are posted from the USAJobs site. Follow the source link below for additional infomration and how to apply.
An Appraiser serves as an evaluator of art and conducts research determining the correct market values. In this role, you will collaborate with management and coworkers in reviewing appraisal projects and review appraisals for adherence to appraisal standards, clarity of presentation, and soundness of conclusions. You will also apply precedents to identified issues and conduct field investigations of complex art valuation cases. You will be required to analyze, interpret, and adjust data to make defensible value determinations, as well as, devising strategies and plans for resolving art value problems.

WHAT IS THE APPEALS DIVISION? Independent by statute and staffed by highly trained professionals, the Appeals function provides alternative dispute resolution for any taxpayer contesting IRS compliance actions. Appeals represents the last opportunity for the IRS and a taxpayer to resolve disputes prior to litigation, and ensures that all taxpayers can receive an impartial review of their tax case. This impartial review is essential to the integrity of the American tax system.

Duties-As a Art Appraiser you will:
  • Review art appraisals determining the fair market value of diverse works of art, literary, and historical property.
  • Identify dates and authenticates works of art researching comparable sales and art market trends.
  • Review facts and if necessary conduct independent investigation of appraisals providing analysis and interpretation.
  • Conduct extensive research, analysis, and interpretation of data preparing valuation reports on findings.
  • Provide technical advice on complex art valuation issues involving administration of provisions of tax laws, including issues for which information is not readily available or data is obscure.
  • Collaborate with the Commissioner’s Art Advisory Panel art advisory panel to determine the fair market value of personal property and represent the organization in art valuation issues at taxpayer conferences.
  • Assist trial attorneys in preparation for trial, preparing stipulations of fact, taking depositions of witnesses, and locating and interviewing outside expert witnesses.
  • Prepare exhibits setting forth art historical research and comparable sales data to support the Government’s position and provide witness testimony during the trial.
Source: USAJOBS 

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