Appraisal Foundation Q&A Forum

The Appraisal Foundation has opened a Q&A forum for questions about qualification criteria and appraisal standards.  See the below links for additional information.

As many appraisers are award sometimes the standards or qualification criteria can be hard to follow and understand based upon circumstances. It is great to see the Appraisal Foundation being responisive for not only appraisers, but also for users of appraisals.

The Appraisal Foundation reports
Do you have a question for the Appraiser Qualifications Board or Appraisal Standards Board that is not addressed in the existing Q&As?

The Appraisal Foundation is pleased to announce a new Q&A Forum that is now available. You can post your questions on appraisal standards or appraiser qualifications and receive a timely answer from Foundation staff. The Q&A Forum is another great way for you to interact with our boards.

For more information on the Forum and how to register, please visit our Q&A webpage located at https://www.appraisalfoundation.org/imis/TAF/Standards/Q_As/TAF/QAs.aspx.

To access the Forum directly, visit http://www.appraisal.answerbase.com/.

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