Infographics on London Sales

Athena Art Finance just published some interesting infographics and analytics on the recent sales in London. Athena is a financial organization which uses art as collateral. They were a sponsors at the recent International Society of Appraisers conference in Fort Worth. The have a news and research page on their website which has some very interesting content.

See below for the combined sales infographic page from London sales report. For the full report and all infographics on the London sale follow the link in the block quote.

Athena reports (the links to download the infographics)

At Athena Art Finance, we believe in the power of information and analytics derived from market data. This is an important aspect of our underwriting process, and risk management. Many of our clients have expressed an interest in this information, which is why we launched our Athena Auction Insights series earlier this spring.

Our goal is to provide clients with a fresh perspective on the art market through insightful and visually intuitive analytics.


Contained in this report (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) are a series of infographics for 11 of the highest profile June 2016 London Auctions at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips.

The auctions used in this report are listed on the Aggregate Results Infographic on Page 3 of the download.
Source:Athena Art Finance

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