Qualified Appraiser Discussion at U.S. Trust

For the past several months, the Appraisal Foundation's TAFAC personal property issues committee and the collaboration sub committee have been working on promoting qualified appraisal programs with users of appraisals.  I am pleased to be part of both committees and to be working with the AF in promoting qualified appraisers.

On Tuesday, Bank of America's private banking division hosted a lunch for their private bankers, local attorneys, appraisers and insurance brokers.  The program was called the Value of Personal Property Appraisers: The Importance of Qualifications and Standards of Practice. The presenters were Leila Dunbar, Elizabeth von Habsburg and David Bunton. They did a great job of blending the complexities of personal property appraising with the need for hiring qualified appraisers.

It is our hope to duplicate the program in other major cities and with other groups of private bankers and users of appraisers.  As I have recently said, the Appraisal Foundation is working hard to promote qualified personal property appraisers and the new AQB qualifications criteria. This is also something all of the sponsoring organizations with personal property divisions can get behind and also promote.

Keep in mind, the new AQB personal property qualification criteria goes into effect in a little over a year, on January 1, 2018. If you are not qualified, it very well may hold you back in gaining quality and important assignments.

The Appraisal Foundation also had on hand some collateral documents and brochures, including a nice summary of the new personal property qualification criteria, a brochure called Personal Property Appraisals and You and the AF brochure Valuation of Fine and Decorative Art. There were about 35-40 professionals in attendance.

It was interesting to see the slide presentation where they showed a cover image of an ISA Core Course in Appraisal Studies manual, as well as a slide with the cover image of the 2016 Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies. Props to ISA and its education arm, the FAE and publisher of the Journal.

Some images from the event

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