December Collectrium Webinars

Collectrium has just sent out a registration email for three webinar for appraisers being held in December. There are some interesting presentations planned, the first on December 1, reviews some of the important features and benefits of using the Collectrium appraisal platform,. the second is an online discussion between Collectrium founder Boris Pevzner and Museum of Modern Art (MOMART) Director Art Alan Sloan about challenges in contemporary museum installations.

The third may be very beneficial to appraisers who wish to expand their practices, entitled Managing Clients and Getting New Business with Collectrium. I will be co-hosting this webinar with Collectrium Senior Collection Advisor Rebecca Rosenfield, and we will discuss the Collectrium service hub, viewing rooms and smart groups.

If you are not an ISA appraiser, you are still welcome to view the webinar, but for the free two subscription to Collectrium, its appraisal platform and auction database of over 6.5 million objects, you would need to be an ISA member. To register for one or all three of the Deecember webinars, follow the REGISTER NOW links in the below block quote.

Collectrium reports on the webinars.
Collectrium specialists and partner guest speakers share best practices and recommendations for managing and handling your collection, securely and privately.

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ISA Training Series: Appraisals & Technology, Upgrade your Practice with Collectrium

Thursday, December 1, 1pm EST

Learn how to manage your clients and appraisals efficiently on this leading appraisal management platform:
  • Manage unlimited clients: Manage collection information of multiple clients using granular privacy settings and virtual private viewing rooms, all secured with bank-level encryption.
  • Advanced reporting: ISA members create USPAP-compliant reports from a comprehensive suite of customizable templates.
  • Comparables research: Search over 6.5 million auction results directly in the platform’s proprietary database.
  • Mobile access: Appraisal data can be added and edited in the apps on iOS and Android devices.
If you cannot attend, register below to receive a recording of the presentation after the webinar.

The Greatest Contemporary Art Installations: Introducing the Expertise of our Partner MOMART

Wednesday, December 7, 12:30pm EST

Blood, dead animals, silicon, steel, trash, lead, straw ...while contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries of the medium, fine art experts have to provide public institutions as well as private collectors with a high level of expertise and creativity to ship, store and install their art.

Our partner MOMART, expert in fine art installations and logistics, will share what happened behind the scenes of the monumental Ai Weiwei installation on view at the Royal Academy in London a year ago.

Join us for a revealing conversation between Alan Sloan, Director at MOMART, and Boris Pevzner, CEO of Collectrium, who will discuss the fascinating installation challenges in contemporary art.

If you cannot attend, register below to receive a recording of the presentation after the webinar.

ISA Training Series: Managing Clients and Getting New Business with Collectrium
Thursday, December 15, 1pm EST

Learn how to manage and grow your client base with the leading appraisal management platform.

In this module, ISA Board of Directors past President Todd Sigety will offer an introduction on the client-appraiser relationship and Collectrium Senior Collection Advisor Rebecca Rosenfield will go over ways that the platform connects you with new clients and features that streamlined communications between you and your clients:

  • Gain new clients with Service Hub referrals
  • Securely share collections by using a Private Viewing Rooms
  • Automatically update groups by implementing Smart Groups

If you cannot attend, register below to receive a recording of the presentation after the webinar.

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