Do You Know Your Art

Fellow appraiser and ISA Board of Directors President Christine Guernsey, ISA CAPP sent me this fun article from the NY Times. It is really not an article but a quiz to test your knowledge of art sales and prices. The quiz shows 6 pairs of works, and your task is to determine which sold for more.

For example,


I tried pasting it in with full HTML code, but the images containers were too large and it messed up the blog post formatting, so if you wish to take the art quiz, click HERE.

The NY Times reports
A radiant painting by Claude Monet sold for $81.4 million at auction on Wednesday night, just one of hundreds of artworks that have changed hands during this week’s big auctions in New York. But even if you can’t pony up $22 million for a Gerhard Richter work owned by Eric Clapton, you can see how you would match up against art-world insiders below.
Which of these works of art sold for more at auction in the last week?

Source: The NY Times 

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