Coming Soon - .ART Domain

.ART has been approved as a new internet domain and registrations will soon take place. See the information below in the block quote, but it certainly appears appraisal practices will be allowed.

.ART reports
For the world’s creative community

.ART is for the world’s creative community in all its diverse forms.

This domain goes way beyond the visual arts to embrace performance, decorative arts, applied arts, literature, film, music, education, collectables and could even take in cookery and sport.

.ART domain will instantly identify you as a member of the art world and position you as a key player in the international arts community.

You may feel that you haven’t fully harnessed the potential of digital communication. A .ART domain is an instant brand, telling the world who you are and what you do.

You might be using digital channels to reposition your strengths, messages and portfolio. An .ART domain presents the perfect opportunity to re-think and refresh.

The domain also affords you protection against the future: registering a .ART domain means no one else can buy it.

Beyond general brand awareness, you can use the domain to clearly promote individual projects, acquisitions or exhibitions.

Registrants include:

  • Places: museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, opera houses, multi-disciplinary arts centres, philharmonic orchestras.
  • People: authors, dealers, curators, professional and student artists, collectors; designers, architects, makers, buyers, educators, photographers.
  • Service providers: finance and lending, insurance, transportation, PR and marketing, consultancies, materials and supplies, architecture firms, art fairs and events, auction houses, design houses, photography studios, film studios.
  • Education and not-for-profits: government departments, non-profit associations, foundations, art schools, colleges, universities.
  • Media: publishers, magazines and publications.
  • The first batch of domains will be provided to select Early Adopters. Art and cultural entities with ICANN-registered trademarks can register from December 2016 to February 2017.
  • Arts-related not-for-profits, museums, institutions, galleries, artists and established members of the art world can register from February 2017. 
  • Anyone with an interest in the arts can register from May 2017 onwards.
Source: Art,ART 

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