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The Clarion List recently sent out a press release on their continued growth and expansion. The Clarion List has new locations for 20 new cities and 4 new continents, with now 7,000 listings, in 70 markets and on 6 continents.  The growth rate has been amazing, and the percentage of claimed listings has in the US market is now up to 30%. This shows how credible the Clarion List has become.

Congratuatlions to The Clarion List for their growth, if you have not claimed your listing, visit at www.clarionlist.com and sign up for this great service. But, what I found most interesting was the release by the Clarion List of its most-clicked service categories for 2016. They dont list numbers for each category, but "Art Appraisers" was number 2 on the list, with "Art Consultants" listed as the top searched service.

This list fits in very nicely with my recent posts about expanding appraisal practices and taking advantage of new technology to both promote an appraisal practice and to use in developing new appraisal related services for clients.

Other top searches on The Clarion List included art logistics, art law and art accountants.  All who could potentially use the services of an professional personal property appraiser.

The Clarion List reports
The Clarion List has released exclusive market data revealing its most-clicked
service categories in 2016:
  1. Art Consultants
  2.  Art Appraisers
  3. Art Transport, Storage & Installation
  4. Art Conservators
  5. Art PR & Marketing Firms
  6. Art Law Firms
  7. Collection & Gallery Management Software
  8. Art Insurance
  9. Art Accountants
  10. Art Fund Managers
Jessica Paindiris, CEO of The Clarion List stated “Art Consultants’ is our most-clicked category, suggesting that expert consultation is still in high demand, no matter the market highs or lows. New and aspiring collectors are rightly look for help entering and navigating the art world. Even veteran collectors need expert assistance or advice from time to time. Our audience is searching The Clarion List for these expert service providers, often for time sensitive projects and this is something Google just can’t do.”
Source: The Clarion List 

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