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I recently sent notice to the Foundation for Appraisal Education (publisher of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies) that I would no longer be involved with them and the journal project. After developing, organizing and editing 7 editions (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2016) and close to 140 articles from appraisers and professionals form allied fields, the time has come to move to new projects, objectives and delivery options. It was an excellent publication, has been referred to in court cases and quoted in many writings, but the time has come to move in another direction.

I strongly believe there still needs to be a publication for professional personal property appraisers to write scholarly articles to share, develop and promote appraisal principals and methodologies. So I plan on continuing with the development of a new publication dedicated to personal property appraising.

The printed book form is fast losing its appeal to many, while many similar types of publications are currently published and offered in online only format. With advances in technology such as flash flip books, enhanced PDF files, online HTML documents and changes in delivery options, I believe it is time to update the publication and availability of a professional personal property appraisal journal. With less time for reading for many busy professionals, and allowing for shorter attention spans, a new format with fewer articles may be the best path to success, enhanced readership and wider interest.

After consultation with fellow appraisers I have decided to develop a new journal format for quality article about professional personal property appraising. The new journal concept would be to publish twice a year with each journal offering 4-6 fresh and timely articles. Publishing a print edition every two years did not allow for timely reporting and contributions. The new concept for articles would be to have them published in PDF and/or flip book form online, and be made available for download without cost to the reading public.  Given the universe of professional personal property appraisers is relatively small, a free professionally developed journal would have the most reader impact, viewership research and market related influence.

After articles are submitted and reviewed I would package into an online document, post them on the Appraiser Workshops pages and/or some other online options for storage and viewing, promote the new edition and make available for online viewing and download. With this concept, I believe the articles will reach 1,000s of readers rather than the select several hundred who purchased a copy of the printed journal or were given a copy of a published article printed out by the author. As in the past, authors would retain their copyright to the material they produce, and the online version and content would assembled, promoted and distributed online.

I am now starting to consider new content for the inaugural issue for the new journal as a proof of concept publication. I am currently working on an article where I take auction prices and compare to retail pricing strategies based upon select data points, and developing the mean, standard deviation and other statistical analysis for various conversion scenarios. Several other appraisers have also approached me about contributing articles and being involved in the new journal. I do think the concept will work, and draw additional interest, be current and timely, and reach a much large audience from not only the appraisal profession, but from other professions such as wealth managers, accountants, insurance underwriters, estate planners and tax attorneys.

Keep in mind that this is an independent project and is not associated or affiliated with any appraisal organization or publisher. With that, I do not know if the Foundation for Appraisal Education wishes to continue with the journal project I started in 2008, but I will be going in a new and different direction.

If you are interested in contributing or commenting on the project, feedback and ideas are welcome and encouraged. Please don't hesitate to send me an email or give me a call.



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