TAFAC Personal Property Issues Committee

Passing along some personal news, I am pleased and honored to report that I have been selected as the new Chair for The Appraisal Foundation Personal Property Issues Committee.

I have been part of the PPIC for many years, and I am excited about this new opportunity and challenge. I hope to foster a collaborative effort in promoting strong appraisal standards and appraiser qualifications for personal property appraisers.

Should you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please let me know. It is now time to start to work and promote qualified appraisers and appraisals.

Our first committee meeting for 2018 is in February 2, 2018.
The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council (TAFAC) is composed of 60 non-profit organizations and government agencies.  TAFAC member organizations represent various professions and occupations with an interest in valuation including appraisers, home builders, real estate brokers, financial institution regulators, federal land acquisition agencies, the secondary mortgage market and the private mortgage insurance industry.

TAFAC seeks:

1.To provide appropriate guidance in the formulation of recommendations and/or commentsto the Board of Trustees (BOT), the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB),  the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB), and the Appraisal Practices Board (APB) collectively known as Boards.

2.To foster the development of quality appraisal standardsand appraiser qualifications by having clearly communicated procedures.

3.To increase the credibility and stature of thework products of the BOT, ASB, AQB, and APB by providing the expert input of TAFAC members.

4.To foster andto enhance the appraisal profession generally.

Personal Property Issues Committee

The Personal Property Issues Committee shall consider and deliberate on all personal property issues arising from all Working Drafts and Exposure Drafts of the AQB, ASB, and APB or on such personal property issues provided to them through TAFAC and its Executive Committee.

In addition, the Committee reviews and, if merited, presents recommendations to TAFAC on any personal property related emerging issues brought forth by members. This work must be completed in a timely manner in order to be responsive to the needs of the various Boards, TAFAC, and the profession. 

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