Last Call for Articles

I am pleased to announce the new Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice is on schedule publication in April, 2019.  Our plan is to have the new digital edition of the Journal available for free downloads during the ISA Annual Conference, Assets 2019 April 12-15.

As I mentioned this past fall, the new journal is different from the old print edition as we are going completely digital with an online publication, along with a new name and sponsoring organization.

The new name is the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice and will be sponsored by (not published by) the new International Society of Appraisers Private Client Services. The new ISA Private Client Services program was developed to work with "High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) who are considered to be those whose financial investments that are in excess of 1 million dollars. In 2016 there were over 4 million of these individuals in the US alone. Their collections of antiques, fine and decorative art, and collectibles may comprise a significant part of their assets. Procuring, investing, protecting, and maintaining their collections requires a team of highly trained of professionals who work exclusively with this group to help meet their specialized needs."

Given the goals and objectives of the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice, The ISA Private Client Services is a perfect fit as a sponsoring organization and promotional supporter with similar objectives in advancing appraisal education, professionalism and promoting qualified appraisers.

My plan is to publish at least twice a year, have between 6-8 articles (and if possible, perhaps as many as 10) in each edition and to include a past selected article at the end of the new publication from the previous Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies. Should all article contribution commitments develop and are delivered on schedule we should have 7 articles for the April inaugural edition, perhaps more.

If you have an article that meets our content expectations and can have it completed within the next 4-6 weeks please let me know.

The ISA Private Client Services will host the new Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice on its website, and initially, the journal will be available to download and/or view without charge. In doing so, we will avoid the past problems of getting the journal and its appraisal and valuation related articles in front of fellow appraisers, allied professionals and users of appraisers, such as private, bankers, attorneys, estate planners,art advisors, insurance professionals, conservators, financial planners, wealth mangers, the IRS, museums, family offices, auction specialists, etc.

With this new online digital delivery, we can now envision the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice reaching thousands of appraisers and allied professionals rather than the few hundred from limited edition print publications. This will increase the credibility and standing of the journal and its contributors. This publication will now have outstanding marketing reach and will be actively promoted to various fine and decorative art groups, users of appraisals and allied professionals.

If you are interested in contributing an article to the new journal, please let me know and send along a topic. As in the past journal, we are looking for substantial articles, with a minimum of 3,000 words. Articles should be geared toward higher and more complex appraisal theory, methodology, and connoisseurship. We are not looking for general or introductory articles as we wish to promote appraising at the middle to upper end of the market.

I am excited about the potential of the new journal, its potential reach and I look forward to an amazing new appraisal journal to promote our profession and qualified appraisers.

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