The Good, Better, Best Appraiser Workshop

Appraisers fall into the good, better, best categories as do the objects we appraise. The objects we appraise are what they are, and good or better objects are never going to elevate themselves into best objects. However, good or better appraisers can elevate themselves to best by refining existing skills and learning new ones throughout their careers. The Good, Better, "Best" Workshop can help you refine your technical skills and add new ones. New appraisers will gain the confidence and skills needed to act like old pros, and old pros will add new skills needed to expand a practice. The workshop is conducted at two antique shops in historic Old Town, Alexandria, Va. To facilitate an inter-active learning environment, the shops are closed to the general public during the workshop, and all inventories of fine and decorative arts are available to attendees for in-depth, hands-on inspections.

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The Valuation Workshop

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Internet Marketing Tools for the Appraiser

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