Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies - 2009

The 2009 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies is close to publication. All of the articles have been submitted and reviewed and I have sent the master document file to the printer. Several copies have been ordered for a final review. The Journal will be ready for online ordering in early March. The Journal continues to grow in prominence and stature and is quickly becoming the publication of record for the personal property industry. The 2008 edition was endorsed by Wendell Garrett of Antiques magazine and was positively reviewed by Maine Antique Digest (click HERE to read the review).

The 2009 edition of the Journal has content which is wide and diverse with articles ranging from American Indian Basketry to Furniture by 20th Century decorators to art indexes, forensic analysis and appraisal methodologies. The 2009 edition contains 20 articles with nearly 350 pages of content on personal property appraising.

The Journal is published by the Foundation for Appraisal Education, a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization where the proceeds of the Journal are returned to the community through educational initiatives and scholarships.

I am going to occasionally post some excerpts from the Journal to the blog, so look for them in the near future.

Until then, the article titles and authors are:
  • Issues in Identification and The Authenticity of Artist's Signatures by forensic expert Graham Ospreay
  • Creating a Marketing Plan: Mapping Your Way to Future Appraisal Business Success by appraiser Christine Gurernsey, ISA AM
  • Paper-Based Artifacts and Light: An Introduction by paper conservator Christine Smith
  • Combining Metrics, Standards and Connoisseurship: A Weighted-Factor Scoring Model, by appraisers Robert J. Corey, Ph.D. and Todd W. Sigety, ISA CAPP
  • The Unique Aspects of Appraising Large Scale Art by appraiser Victor Wiener
  • Market Based Art Valuations by Jianping Mei and Michael Moses educators authors and founders of Beautiful Asset Advisors
  • The Challenges of Appraising Photographs by appraiser Denise J. Levy
  • Standards of Protocol by appraiser Mark C. Grove, ASA, AAA
  • Illustration Art: Problems and Resources for Appraisers by appraiser and auction house specialist Matthew S. Wilcox
  • Historic Wallpaper by wallpaper conservator Susan Nash
  • Framed Works on Paper - What to Look for Under the Dust Cover by appraiser and framer Jo Desmond, ASA
  • Material Culture and the Natural World: Mayo, Seri and Apache Basketry by appraiser Stephen P/ Sweeting, ASA
  • Discovering a New Collecting Category: Furniture by Decorators by appraiser and decorator Soodie Beasley
  • Autographs, Manuscripts, and Historical Documents: How to Identify Common Fakes, Forgeries and Facsimiles by appraiser Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP
  • The Enslaved African American Artisan: Contributions tot he Decorative Arts by appraiser Darlene Hines, ISA CAPP
  • Knowing about "Other Assets" Increased my Business by 50% by financial planner and appraiser Mike Wyrostek, ISA
  • Beware the Risks, by appraiser and auctioneer Mike Odell and National Auctioneer Associations Director of Eduction Harlan Rimmerman, Ph.D.
  • A Primer on Valuating and Appraising Maps by auction house specialist and appraiser Dale Sorenson, Ph.D.
  • The Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory by appraiser Benedict J. Hastings
  • A Guide to Appraising African Art by appraiser Alvah Beander
I will post to the AW blog when the Journal is available for sale. It will be $55.00, and the online sales site is www.appraisaljournal.org. The 2008 Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies is available by clicking HERE.

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