Appraisal Library for Sale

I usually dont make these types of posts, but I thought this might benefit fellow appraisers. Steve Minor is selling his appraisal library of over 300 books. It is his preference to sell the complete library instead of selling piecemeal. If he is not able to sell as a whole, he will then sell groups or individual books.

Many experienced appraisers may already have many of the books, but if you are new to the profession or know someone who is, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a  needed appraisal practice business resource. It can take years to put together a complete appraisal reference and resource library, and it  is a rare opportunity to find this number of books.

Click HERE to view a list of the books in the library. Steve is located in Raleigh,NC if that helps with logistics. His email for more information is sgminor@mindspring.com for more information on condition, shipping and price.

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