Philippines to Open First Art Auction House

Cyril De Leon writing for the Manila Bulletin states that after seeing Filipino art being sold at auction houses throughout the world, a group of art lovers and investors have decided to open the first auction house in the Philippines. The auction will be called Salcedo Auctions and will sell fine and decorative art, jewelry and other luxury goods. This opening, as well as the post from the other day on Eastern European Gallery growth, and the expansion of mainland Chinese auction houses all trends for continued growth and interest in cultural property. I hope the trends continue. All this activity is pointing to growth in new and expanding markets and is no longer limited to the major market or major players.

De Leon writes

Those wishing to spruce up their interiors with antique furnishings may likewise choose from several Chinese-furniture as well (e.g. armoire, buffet cabinet, and wedding cabinet). All the said items are in mint condition and still have their brass locks and fittings intact.

Those who might not be able to make it for the auction on July 24 can rest assured though that more auctions are scheduled. “The auctions will happen on a regular basis,” says Miguel, adding that they will have auctions every two months, interspersed with exhibitions by artists at their Salcedo Village premises.

Like their international counterparts, Salcedo Auctions will likewise have themed auctions with one already set for September 25 of this year. Dubbed “Ilustrado Home + Modern Decorator”, the said event will feature furniture and home accessories just in time before the start of the holidays.

At present, Karen seems very pleased with the prospects of Salcedo Auctions creating a special niche for itself. “Setting this up entailed a lot of hard work,” she says, “So far, it’s paying off as people see the potential and need for it. It’s very exciting and it’s good to finally be able to showcase what our country has to offer without going overseas.”
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