Tech Tip: Google Docs Easy Translations

Google has long been involved in translation services.  You would go to Google translate and type or cut and paste into a text box and click translate.  Now Google Docs, a cloud based office productivity suit, with word processor, spreadsheet and presentations applications has the translation function directly built in to the program.  That is right, the translation feature is integrated into the program.

The Google Docs service is free and it is a good back up for occasional use on second computers and laptops without spending the money on MS Office as is Open Office (not cloud based, and is what I use on my lap top).

Google Docs just announced a new update with integrated translation that will allow you to type your document into the Google Docs word processor and using the tools tab click translate and select a language for translation. The program will then automatically translate your text into one of 53 different foreign languages.  You can then rename and save the translated document. I can see this working nicely by cutting and pasting foreign text from websites etc into Google Docs and automatically translating.  The use may not be overly great for an appraiser, but every so often we run into those few pages of research material that we wish we could easily translate, document and save.  This could be a very practical solution.

For more information on Google Docs click HERE and for more information on the translation feature, click HERE.

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