Auto Sells for over $30 Million

Bloomberg is reporting a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic sold for $30 million. The Huffington Post reports it was $35 million, and that the car was purchased in 1971 for $59,000.00.  That is a very nice ROI.

The Huffington Post article states that the collector car market is red hot at the moment, with prices sharply increasing. I am not sure of the collector auto market, and if that interest and increase in values is just at the top of the market, for truly rare examples like the Type 57SC Atlantic or if runs deeper.

Which makes this extraordinarily beautiful and precious car we are gazing at even more impressive. Considered by many to be the ultimate expression of the motor car as art form, the auction house which negotiated the sale says the price was 'between $30 and $40 million,' but a charming older woman sitting next to me at cocktails (where Lanson Champagne celebrated its 250th anniversary with a fine pouring) said, "I know the seller's family very well, and the final price was exactly $35 million." The car was one of only three built by Jean Bugatti, son and heir of the legendary Ettore. The prototype 'Aerolithe Electron Coupe' was in the1935 Paris Auto Show; it was then developed further and - radical in design and engineering - used riveted aluminum panels which he mounted on Bugatti's most sophisticated, powerful and revolutionary Type 57S chassis. This one (chassis #57374) was sold to Lord Victor Rothschild of London, who ordered it in light blue with a dark blue interior. In 1939 he sent it back to the factory to have a supercharger installed. The only other example remaining is in the collection of designer Raph Lauren.
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