Reminder: Free Shipping on Journal Ends Monday

Support the cause of promoting appraisal education and get a great reference book with 18 articles and over 300 pages of appraisal related content.

Wendell Garrett of the Magazine Antiques called the 2008 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies "Sound in scholarship, lively in presentation, sharp in focus. These articles bring to life the accuracy, interest and importance of judging and evaluating the practice of appraising. A must have for anyone in the appraisal field." Click HERE to read the Maine Antique Digest review of the 2008 edition.Click HERE to read a full article from the Journal by Jane Brennom on Appraising vs Authenticating.

The opportunity to order the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies (all editions 2008, 2009 and 2010) with free shipping is about to end.  Order before Monday, August 23rd in order to take advantage of free shipping. Order at www.appraisaljournal.org

All proceeds from the sale of the Journal support the educational initiatives and scholarships of the Foundation for Appraisal Education. The cost of the journal is only $55.00, a bargain for the amount of content supplied ($35.00 for 2008 & 2009).  For more information visit www.appraisaljournal.org to order your copy.

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