Tech Tip: Google Maps

Google never ceases to amaze me.  I received a phone message from a Google rep the other day saying Google photographers were in the Alexandria, VA area and I was on the schedule for photographs of my shop interior and exterior to be placed on Google Maps and Google Business.  The photographer was in today and stated he could take images of my shop for the listing and would include a virtual 360 degree interior view as well.  They take four wide angle shots and stitch them together.

When Google maps is searched for Antique Dealers for Alexandria, VA my shop will come up with the images of now not only the exterior, but also the interior, showing the type of antiques I sell. Plus the listing is free.  This must be costing Google a lot of money, as they had 6 photographers in Alexandria for the 4 days or so.  Each photographer can process about 6 shops in a day.

I am not sure if Google is doing this only in metropolitan areas or not, but if you have a shop or gallery the benefits of the listing could be great.  The listing is free, if you are interested call 1-877-737-8518  for more information.  For more information go to Google Maps, there is a link for putting businesses on Google Maps/Google Places.  Click on HERE for more information on Google Maps and Places.

It is all about getting noticed and this is one way of increasing your profile.

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