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The new Chubb Collectors email newsletter was just released with article on cultured perals, merging art and architecture and Asian textiles.

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Cultured Pearls For A Queen…And Also For You & Me!
Cultured pearls dominate the market because natural pearls command stellar prices, yet we find a spectacular South Sea culturedpearl necklace with an $800,000 price tag; it took over five years for the producer to acquire enough fine matching pearls to assemble it! Despair not if this exceeds your budget. Cultured pearls offer a wide range of choices. This article explores the best of the current cultured pearl market.

Merging Art and Architecture: a Collaborative Process
Art provides emotional and aesthetic satisfaction, enhancing our lives and the spaces in which we live and work. A collaborative relationship between architect/designer, client and art consultant promises the best outcome for an art program. This article explores the many ways to make that collaborative relationship work.

Asian Textiles: A Rich Heritage
International dealers at the San Francisco Tribal Art and Textile Show in February, 2010, seemed to confirm an expanding market in Indonesian textiles. This article explores the current market for these fine pieces and discusses what constitutes quality.


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