Forbes Mag Profiles Appraiser Dunbar

Forbes magazine has a profile under its Entrepreneurs section in the Sept 27, 2010 issue on Leila Dunbar, the sports and collectibles appraisers and past VP at Sotheby's.

Leila has always been very active and has spoken and last spoke to ISA members at the conference in Charleston in 2009.  The profile is an excellent promotions piece for Leila and her appraisal practice.

Forbes reports

Her response: Go solo. At $250 to $350 an hour Dunbar has been called on to appraise Floyd Mayweather's gloves, the late country singer Tammy Wynette's costumes and awards, $12 million worth of memorabilia on display at Yankee Stadium's museum, and Bobby Jones' old one-iron for the United States Golf Association. In 2009 Leila Dunbar LLC pulled in roughly $200,000 in revenue, and Dunbar claims to be "well ahead" of that pace for 2010.

Dunbar runs lean. She works out of her one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side and has no staff, no website and no advertising budget. Her biggest expense: travel. Planes, trains and hotels eat up about $30,000 a year. This year Dunbar has hauled herself to California, Colorado, Florida, Washington, D.C., Iowa and Arizona, among other stops, mixing client visits with lectures, benefit auctioneering and periodic appearances on the television hit Antiques Roadshow. "I've spent less than half my nights at home this year," she says. "All I need is a laptop, a camera and a phone."
To read the full article on Leila Dunbar in Forbes, click HERE.

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