Top End of the Market

Scott Reyburn has a piece in Bloomberg about upcoming art auctions in London, and believes the market is exceedingly strong for important collections and celebrity provenance.  He refers to art from the collection of former model Jerry Hall, the former wife of Mikc Jagger of the Rolling Stones and from David Manners, the Duke of Rutland.

Most of the article is about the major pieces of art, including works by Lucian Freud, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Frank Auerbach from Hall's collection and a painting by the 17th-century French artist Nicolas Poussin from Manner's collection which is expected to sell for $30 million.

I want to highlight only one sentence from the article, which shows the growing demand for quality art with strong provenance. The very top end of the art market appears to remain strong as evidenced by quality art coming to market.

Famous collectors and aristocratic owners are acting as demand for high-quality art picks up.
To read the complete article, click HERE.

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