Fine and Dec Arts Survery Closes on Friday

To take the survey, click HERE.

The Appraiser Workshops Fine and Decorative Arts Market Confidence Survey closes on Friday, October 15th.  If you have not as of yet completed the survey, please take a few minutes and and answer the simple questions.  All you have to do is select positive/negative/neutral for your confidence level in selected fine and decorative arts category.

The results will be posted on the Appraiser Workshops blog for appraisers to use in understanding and analyzing market trends.  We plan on running th survey on a quarterly basis so changes in confidence trends can be noted and indexed.  The survey has been very well received by appraisers, so make sure you confidence vote is counted.  I am very pleased with the survey particiapation and very excited about the interesting results.  Thanks to all who have particpated. and made the survey possible.

To take the survey, click HERE.

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