Frieze Fair – London

Kelly Crow has good, but short article in the Wall Street Journal about the Frieze contemporary art fair being held in London next week. Crow notes many dealers that passed on exhibiting at the Frieze last year have returned. The Frieze will have 173 dealers, up from the 164 who displayed at the fair last year. More dealers at show I think usually bodes well, unless it is an act of desperation which I dont think it is, especially in the contemporary art sector.

There are 63 new dealers or galleries displaying at the show, which shows a relatively high turnover of dealers. Crow reports that dealers believe fairs are the way to sell in todays contemporary art marketplace, with a large selection of art in one location. They also stated the auction or secondary market has rebounded first and hopefully that success will trickle down to fairs, shows and galleries.

Crow states

When London's biggest contemporary art show, the Frieze Art Fair, opens next week, a group of psychics will be on hand to help visitors conjure advice from late greats like Vincent van Gogh. One likely question: Is it safe to go shopping again?
The global art market began recovering this spring, but dealers say collectors returned first to the auction houses, where art often comes with a reassuring track record of past sales. Contemporary art galleries have had a tougher season since they must convince buyers to invest in untested newcomers.

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