The Photography Market

Art Research Technologies just released their monthly newsletter. The October issue focuses on the auction photography market. The monthly report states that the photography market at auction has been strong in 2010, with numerous successful sales including the Polaroid collection and the Patricia McCabe collection of Irving Penn photographs. ART also reports that Phillips is back with a strong photography sale in October when compared to a poor showing last year.
For more information on the ART Focus on Photography report, click HERE. The full reports are now subscriptions based, but do have a wealth of specialty information, statistic and analysis. ART reports reveals 5 interesting statistics for the photography market
1. New York photography sales peaked at $68,604,372 in 2007; so far this year, sales of photography in New York have totaled $27,729,259.
2. Daguerreotypes, which are relatively rare at auction, have sold for $32,354 on average since 2005.
3. Sales of works by Ansel Adams represent 5% of the photography market's total volume and 9% of its gross since 2005.
4. Since 2008, works under $10,000 have represented nearly 90% of the market for the Hungarian photographer André Kertész.
5. Estimates on the work of Candida Höfer have fallen almost exactly in line with her prices since 2005; Matthew Barney's estimates, by contrast, have outstripped his prices by about 30% while John Baldessari's average price is 111% higher than his average mid-estimate

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