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The Appraiser Workshops readership following is now to the point where I would like to experiment with online interactive content activities. In this case by initiating a quarterly fine and decorative arts confidence survey.

The number of visitors to the site continues to grow with an increasing subscription base and dedicated readership, populated with professional appraisers, dealers and auction house specialists.  I would now like to leverage that dedicated viewership into occasional interactive online activities that result in newly generated content that is both needed and important to the profession. (Click HERE to take the survey)

Because of the strength in readership and direct access to professional appraisers through the blog I have decided to start a quarterly confidence survey of the fine and decorative arts markets.   As a profession we need to include reliable and useful market data, metrics and statistics in our work product, valuations and market analysis.  The Appraiser Workshops Fine and Decorative Arts Market Confidence Survey should assist appraisers and dealers in documenting confidence and market trends. The survey form  and link will be on the Appraiser Workshops for the next few weeks for those interested in participating.

The survey is a short non-scientific market confidence survey asking what confidence level appraisers have for several market sectors and levels. Initially the survey will be rather basic and elementary in its approach, and should only take a couple of minuets of your time to compete.  I plan on circulating the survey on a quarterly basis. Results will be posted on the on the Appraiser Workshops Blog for all readers to view and hopefully use in preparing market analysis.  (Click HERE to take the survey)

As I get more experienced and as the responses merit I will of course try to improve the survey and expand the questionnaire with more details, specialty areas and potential analysis.

Please take a few moments and answer the survey questions. Dont forget to click on the submit button at the end of the form to record your responses. Click HERE to take the survey. Please feel free to pass along the survey link to other appraisers and dealers to take. The direct link (shortened) to the survey is http://bit.ly/aTrVN7 if you wish to forward the link to a fellow appraiser, dealer or specialist.


(Click HERE to take the survey.)

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