Must Have Art Appraisal Book

Do you appraiser art?  If you do you should order the new book by Judith Vance, ASA.  The book is called Seeing Things: an appraiser's handbook for the examination and description of fine art.

The book is 87 pages and packed full of useful information for appraising and describing art.  The format is concise and to the point.  This book is meant to be used in the fine art appraisal practice, not just read and put away on the shelf.  Judith starts out by discussing the client,with some basics or what Judith calls preproduction and information for going on site. 

Judith then delves into art media and examining works of art each with sections on sculpture, paintings and works on paper.  She also goes into report basics on how to photograph and use illustrations in reports.  She discusses documenting art and how to evaluate art. Each section is well written, easy to understand and easy to follow.  Using the book as a resource and guide will help the development and content of your appraisal report.

There are some excellent points, she has great charts that include things such as medium, process and distinguishing characteristics.  The charts are so informative that they alone are worth the cost of the book.

I recommend the book highly.  It is well worth the $45.00 plus $2.50 for shipping.  The book can only be ordered through Judith Vance.  Click HERE for order information. This book is a must have for the appraisal library.

Seeing Things is an introduction to the standard protocols used by art professionals to examine and describe art works, tailored specifically for the needs of appraisers. Organized for easy reference, it includes:

• Art handling basics and appraiser tools.

• What to look for when examining works of art.

• Reference tables.

• An exploration of methods of visual analysis.

• Terminology for the descriptive process, with examples.

• Suggested sources for further information on all topics covered.
For more information on Seeing Things, click HERE.

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