AAA and NYU Art Law Day

On Friday, November 6th the Appraisers Association of America and NYU's  School of Professional Studies will host Art Law Day. If you have not been to this program in the past, it is perhaps the best conference on current and topical art law content for the appraiser.  I have gone in the past and have always learned and enjoyed the interesting programs and speakers. Topics are typically of a more advanced nature for the seasoned appraiser.  So many programs look toward a wide frame of inclusion, and with that sometimes the more experinced appraiser's needs can get overlooked. Not at the AAA and NYU Art Law day.The fee for ISA, AAA and ASA members is only $250.00.

NYU states about the program "Hosted by the NYU School of Professional Studies and the Appraisers Association of America, this annual conference focuses on a broad range of issues that affect the arts and the law. Experts address timely art law topics, including new legislation, complexities of authentication, changes in estate planning, restitution issues, standards and protocols, and new regulations and practices. From current legal issues regarding the IRS 1031 tax free exchange, to changes in the art law environment, this conference is ideal for those who work in the related fields of art insurance, art law, cultural property law, and the appraisal and art business professions. It also will appeal to those who collect art and who want to know more about legal issues in the arts.

CLE units and financial aid are available for those who qualify. Lawyers attending the symposium can earn 6.5 CLEs, non-transitional, in Professional Practice. For information about financial aid, please e-mail sps.libarts@nyu.edu."

The AAA annual conference will follow, starting on Sunday, Nov 8th, more on that in an upcoming post.

For more information on Art Law Day click HERE.
Friday, November 6, 2015
Deborah G. Spanierman, AAA, President, Appraisers Association
Jenny McPhee, Director, Center for Applied Libarl Arts, NYU School of Professional Studies

UPDATES: Authenticity Legislation
Dean Nicyper, Partner, Withers Bergman LLP

Michael D. Danti, Ph.D., FSA, Academic Director, American Schools of Oriental Research Cultural Heritage Initiatives
The Islamic State War on Culture in Syria and Iraq

PANEL: How Globalization of the Art Market Affects the Legal Landscape of Art Transactions
This panel will explore the changing legal landscape of the art market focusing on transactional standards (Yves-Bouvier and Sammons case) anti-money laundering statutes, potential for regulation in the art market, issues of loss of value and salability for damaged works and other evolving topical issues.

Judith Pearson, President, ARIS Title Insurance Corporation
Howard Spiegler, Partner and Co-Chair, Herrick, Feinstein LLP (moderator)
Massimo Sterpi, Partner Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
Elizabeth von Habsburg, Managing Director, Winston Art Group


PANEL: Ethics for Art Appraisers and Advisors
In an increasingly complex art world, what ethical rules can appraisers and advisors look to? In what is sometimes called the world’s biggest unregulated market, are the lines so blurred that there are no enforceable rules of ethics? A panel of experts discusses the do’s, don’ts and should’s including practical and legal guidance about: where to look for the ethical rules; what needs to be disclosed; what duties are
owed and to whom; what’s required when taxes come into play and what may land you in a legal dispute.

John Cahill, Cahill Partners (moderator)
Heather Gray, Legal Counsel, Art, Elysian Management LLC
Ronald Minkoff, Attorney, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C.
Robert Suiter, Director, Winston Art Group

A list of local restaurants will be provided

PANEL:The Thin Line Between Love and Hate: Art, Marriage & Divorce
Art is widely recognized to be a powerfully emotional asset that can be used as a reward, a weapon, or both. Nowhere can this be more the case than in the context of divorce and marital planning. We see even greater complexity arising from art’s often widely fluctuating values and elusive markets. This panel will identify and explore legal and appraisal issues related to art and other collectibles within the context of
marriage planning and divorce.

Gary Castle, Principal, Anchin Block & Anchin LLP
Amy Goldrich, Of Counsel, Cahill Partners LLP (moderator)
Adria Hillman, Esq., Attorney at Law, Adria S. Hillman, Attorney at Law, P.C.
Ann-Marie Richard, AAA, Executive Vice-President, Gurr Johns


PANEL:Demystifying the Freeport
What are Freeports and who are their primary users? Who controls or monitors their activities? What legal issues need to be contemplated when employing them? How can insurers properly provide coverage for their contents when veils of secrecy abound? Why should appraisers, dealers, lawyers and other arts professionals be familiar with them? This panel will offer answers to these questions and many more like them. The purpose will be to present an overview and perhaps attempt to demystify these places known as Freeports. The massive, maximum-security, storage sites, often located near airports in wealthy European and Asian cities, containing expensive valuables stored in so-called “duty-free zones”, which have made international headlines these past few years.

Marnin Michaels, Partner, Baker & McKenzie Zurich
Linda Sandell, Chief Underwriting Officer, Huntington T. Block
Lori Spector, AAA, President, Lori Spector Fine Art, Inc. (moderator)
Diana Wierbecki, Partner and Global Head of Art Law, Withers Bergman LLP

Join us for cocktails, canap├ęs, and comments in the Eisner & Lubin Auditorium Reception Hall
Source: AAA and NYU 

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