AAA Conference New York City, November 8th and 9th

On Sunday November 8th and Monday November 9th, the Appraisers Association of America will hold their annual conference at the New York Athletic Club.  I just registered last week, have attended in the past and AAA always hosts a fantastic conference and program. The theme of this years conference is Global Trends and Market Forces.

I am most interested in seeing art economist Clare McAndrew's talk on the art market in 2015.  Dr. McAndrew is author of some excellent books on the art market and is well know for her annual TEFAF art market report and analysis. In addition to Dr McAndrew's presentation, there are some really excellent programs including talks on outsider art, the IRS, valuing archives (another topic I am interested in as I recently did an artist's archive), mid century design, evaluating a home library, how high end art is impacting the market, and insight into the growth of online auctions, plus much more.

There is still time to register, follow the source link below for more information.

AAA reports on the program
Sunday, November 8, 2015
8:00 am – 8:45 am, 9th Floor Hall
8:45 am – 9:00 am, 9th Floor Lounge
Cynthia Herbert, AAA, Co-Chair, Conference Committee
Deborah G. Spanierman, AAA, President, Appraisers Association of America
9:00 am – 9:30 am, 9th Floor Lounge

Robin Pogrebin, Culture Reporter, The New York Times
On the Brink of Another Museum Building Boom: Can Philanthropy Keep Pace?
9:30 am – 10:30 am, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL: Rites of Passage for Outsider Art: Growth and Change in the Field and Marketplace
The definition of the term “Outsider Art” has changed and grown in the 50 years since it first came to public attention as “Folk Art.” This panel will discuss aspects of scholarship and the changing marketplace in this very rich and varied field.
Shari Cavin, AAA, Gallery Co-Owner, Cavin-Morris Gallery (moderator)
Andrew Edlin, CEO, Wide Open Arts, LLC
Jane Kallir, Co-Director, Galerie St. Etienne
Leslie Umberger, Curator of Folk and Self-Taught Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum

10:30 am – 11:00 am, 10th Floor Presidents Room

11:00 am – 12:00 pm, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL: Issues in Valuing Archives
With so many archives now being donated, sold or inherited, it is more important than ever to understand types of organization, methodology and valuation. This presentation covers recognizing different types of archives; handling various collections containing high and low value objects and dealing with supporting documentation; differences in retail replacement and fair market valuations; when to apply blockage; typical IRS issues and distinctions in artists’ estates.
Robin Bonner, Art Appraiser, Art Appraisal Services, Appeals, Internal Revenue Services
Leila Dunbar, AAA, President, Leila Dunbar Appraisals and Consulting LLC (moderator)
Lewis Shepard, Director, Lewis A. Shepard Works of Art, Inc.

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL: Changes in Due Diligence: Past & Present
This panel will discuss the latest developments used to analyze objects, expose fakes and forgeries, and how these changes impact due diligence for appraisers.
Stephen Clark, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, J. Paul Getty Trust
Michael Cohn, AAA, Appraiser, Michael Cohn Fine Art Consultants, LLC (moderator)
Sharon Flescher, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Foundation for Art Research
Jennifer Mass, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Winterthur Museum and Scientific Analysis For Fine Art, LLC

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, 9th Floor Card Room
Belmont Society Award Presented to Samuel Rosenfeld, AAA

2:30 pm – 3:45 pm, 10th Floor Olympic Suite

1. Mid-Century Modern Design
David Rago and James Zemaitis will present an illustrated discussion, moderated by Molly Seiler, on the shifting marketplace for Mid-Century Modern Design. The speakers will address issues relating to provenance, authentication, manufacture and the reissuing of iconic mid-century designs.
David Rago, Partner, Rago Arts & Auction Center
Molly Seiler, AAA, President, Molly Seiler Appraisals & Art Advisory (moderator)
James Zemaitis, Visiting Curator, Indianapolis Museum of Art

2. Understanding Asian Art Through 10 Objects
Through 10 examples of typical Asian objects, this session will lend insight into how to recognize, categorize and value in this area. Asian material comes from many countries including China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast and Northern Asian countries. You will be introduced to different themes and materials.
Michael Cohn, AAA, Appraiser, Michael Cohn Fine Art Consultants, LLC
Michael Murphy, Appraiser, Michael Cohn Fine Art Consultants, LLC

3. De-Mystifying Auctions
This presentation will provide an overview of “art auctions”, how property gets to the auction block and the advantages of buying and selling at auction. The mystery of what actually is happening in the saleroom and how an auctioneer conducts the sale is also explained. A discussion of the terminology of auctions is followed by a brief review of rules and regulations and some common saleroom bidding techniques are also described.
Barbara Strongin, Director of Administration, Sotheby’s Institute of Art

4. Evaluating a Home Library Shelf-by-Shelf
Learn to appraise rare and common books as encountered on virtually every appraisal!
Peter Costanzo, AAA, Director of Rare Books, Autographs, Maps and Photographs, Doyle New York

3:45 pm – 4:15 pm, 10th Floor Presidents Room

4:20 pm – 5:30 pm, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL: When All Is Not Lost: Appraising Partial Loss in Fine and Decorative Arts
Determining the diminution in value to an object that has sustained a partial loss can be challenging for an appraiser. This panel will address the appraiser’s scope of work when faced with a partial loss, the need for extraordinary assumptions, working with conservators and other experts, and the expectations of insurance companies.
Ronald Fiamma, Vice President, Global Head of Private Collections, AIG
Karen McManus, AAA, Director, Jacqueline Silverman & Associates (moderator)
Brad Shar, Vice President & General Manager, Lowy
Victoria Shaw-Williamson, Furniture Specialist, 1stdibs
Molly Seiler Art Advisory &
Appraisal Services
Betty Krulik Fine Art, Limited
W.C. Ferry & Associates

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Bonhams, 580 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
Hosted by Bonhams
All Appraisers, Members, Conference Attendees & Guests welcome!

Monday, November 9, 2015
8:45 am – 9:00 am, 9th Floor Lounge
Harmer Johnson, AAA, Co-Chair, Conference Committee
Linda Selvin, Executive Director, Appraisers Association of America

9:00 am – 9:30 am, 9th Floor Lounge
Clare McAndrew, PhD, Founder and Director, Arts Economics
The Global Art Market in 2015

9:30 am – 10:30 am, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL:The Polarized Art Market – How High End Sales are Changing
 the Infrastructure of the Global Art Trade
The panel will examine the influence of top prices on the growth of the aggregate market and assessing the performance of the top end versus rest of market. It will ask how these sales are affecting market valuations and appraisals as well as looking at the investment implications
for collectors. The panelists will determine who in the art trade is really gaining from these sales and the competitive and legal implications of practices such as auction guarantees and other potential manipulation of the market in the struggle to secure vendors. It will also look
at which markets will be most important for high- end sales going forward: Beijing versus New York versus London, asking which center has the greatest sustainability and why.
Stephen Brodie, Partner, Herrick, Feinstein LLP
Benjamin Mandel, Economist/Global Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Clare McAndrew, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Arts Economics (moderator)
Michael Plummer, Artvest Partners

10:30 am – 11:00 am, 10th Floor Presidents Room

11:00 am – 12:00 pm, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL: Cuban Art: Where the Past Meets the Future
This panel will discuss the possible effects in the art market in a post-embargo Cuba, and potential art restitution claims by Cuban exiles. The state of the current Cuban art scene and the impact of a potential travel boom on the art market will also be discussed.
Ramon Cernuda, Director, Cernuda Arte
Maria Josefa Gonzalez Mariscal, AAA, Josefa Gonzales Mariscal Fine Art (moderator)
Carmen Melian, AAA, Principal, Melian Arts
Alex Rosenberg, Sc.D, AAA, ASA, President, Alex Rosenberg & Associates

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL:The Developing Landscape of Online Auctions
As the Internet has matured, online sales have become an essential tool for auctioneers.
As auction sites proliferate and costs to host auctions drop, what can we expect in the future?
Thomas Galbraith, Managing Director, Paddle8
Mark Lurie, CEO, Lofty
Amelia Manderscheid, Global Head of eCommerce, Specialist, Associate Vice President,
 Post-War & Contemporary Art, Christie’s
Lark Mason, AAA, Lark Mason Associates, iGavel Auctions
Renee Vara, AAA, Director, Vara Global Fine Arts (moderator)

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, 9th Floor Card Room

2:30 pm – 3:45 pm, 9th Floor Card Room

1. The Museum Library as a Resource
This session will discuss the online research tools available through the Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitain Museum of Art, as well as important resources available and in development at peer institutions.
Tina Lidogoster, Assistant Museum Librarian, Technical Services and Departmental Special Projects,
 The Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
John Lindaman, Assistant Museum Librarian, Technical Services,
 The Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Andrea Puccio, Assistant Museum Librarian, The Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

2. The Language of Luxury: Understanding Value in Today’s Luxury Goods Market
Learn about the current, robust state of the U.S. secondary luxury goods market. How does Heritage’s Luxury Accessory division determine what gets into a Signature Auction? Which pieces are in greatest demand? And why do collectors continue to go to auction houses?
Diane D’Amato, Director, Luxury Accessories, Heritage Auctions

3. New Deal Artwork: Ownership and Responsibility
This session will address the complex history of the government’s role in art of the 1930s, how an appraiser identifies these works, and the federal requirements imposed on such material.
Jennifer Gibson, Ph.D., General Services Administration

4. From Antiquity to Modernity: 20th Century Murano Glass
A discussion of the history of glass-making in Italy culminating in an in depth look at 20th century Murano glass, its companies, designers and today’s secondary market.
Jim Oliveira, Co-Director, Glass Past
3:45 pm – 4:15 pm, 10th Floor Presidents Room

4:20 pm – 5:30 pm, 9th Floor Lounge
PANEL: IRS: The Donation Appraisal
A summary of the IRS appraisal rules, including IRS updates and recent case law.
Robin Bonner, Art Appraiser, Internal Revenue Service
Karin Gross, Art Appraiser, Internal Revenue Service
Joanne Kesten, Principal, Joanne Kesten + Associates (moderator)
Source: Appraisers Association of America 

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