Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies

2014 Edition
I am still looking for a few additional articles for the 2016 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies.  The new edition will be published in April and first offered at the International Society of Appraisers annual conference in Ft Worth, TX. This will be the 7th edition, and the next edition will not be until 2018.

The  Journal has been well supported by all of the major appraisal organizations as well as independent appraisers, academia, museums, auction specialists and other related professional fields.

If you are interested in contributing an article to the 2016 edition or even wish to discuss a topic or potential topic, please contact me at toddsig01@gmail.com or call me at 703-836-1020. We require a 3,000 word minimum, original work and not previously published.

Scholarship is important for the development and advancement of most professions.  The importance of scholarship, including publishing, is and should be no different for the personal property appraiser than any other profession.

The Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies is one of the few tools available to professional appraisers to publish original research articles. The primary goal of the Foundation, and the journal as a tool, is to promote appraisal education and the expansion of knowledge.  Appraisers, as professionals should strive to show their dedication and contribute to the development of the profession by expanding and sharing personal property principles, knowledge and methodologies.

Deadline for completion is quickly approaching so if interested please contact me quickly so we can discuss and make arrangements for inclusion.

As in the past, we expect to have another outstanding edition.

Remember, the next edition is not until 2018, so if you have a timely article, now is the time to publish.

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