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A little over a  week ago I posted on a newly published book, Art Collecting Today by former Christie's president Doug Woodhamm, click HERE to read along with a review from a Financial Times article. Fellow appraiser Rosalie Wardell sent me a post on Artsy which has a very nice excerpt from the book on how wealth and changing tastes are impacting the art market.  Follow the source link below to read the excerpt or click HERE to order from Amazon. Even if you are not interested in ordering the new book, the excerpt on Artsy is interesting to read.

Artsy reports
In his new book, “Art Collecting Today,” former Christie’s president of the Americas Doug Woodham guides the reader through the ins and outs of the modern art market: where to learn about it, what’s out there, how the market works, and how to get your start in collecting. Today’s $57 billion art market, he writes, is shaped by means and desire: an unprecedented number of people with the resources to buy art, and a growing pool of people with the education and proclivity for its appreciation. He begins by laying out the facts and figures that underpin current and future demand for art, and explains what it means for the market. The following essay is adapted from the book.
Source: Artsy 

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