Online Art Auctions

Mark Bench of Borro sent me an interesting article from the Financial Times about the rise(and at times, fall) of online art auction platforms. The article touches on the Auctionata and Paddle8, Artsy, and what Christie's and Sotheby's are doing, and mentions the Hiscox online art report. and StoryLTD.

Unfortunately, I can no longer post more than a  headline from Financial Times article (the FT contacted, and very nicely ask that I respect their republishing terms, which only allows for use of the headline and a link), so to read you will have to follow the link.

In any event, it, like so many FT articles on the art market is well worth reading, so if interested please follow the source link below.

New kids on the block: rise of the online art auction
Source: Financial Times 

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