Sloans and Kenyon Court Decision

The Washington Post is reporting on a court decision against Sloan's and Kenyon regarding the Washington DC collection of Robert Fastov and checks totaling $426,000.

The Washington Post reports
The gavel falls
In other auction news, the long-running legal battle between the daughter of the late D.C. art collector Robert Fastov and the Sloans & Kenyon auction house is over.                                                                                                                                                                       A portion of Fastov’s massive art collection was sold by the Chevy Chase, Md., auction house in 2013. Fastov never cashed checks totaling $426,038.25 — and he never picked up the unsold artwork.

After Fastov died in August 2014, his daughter, Alexandra, requested that the checks be reissued. Sloans owner Stephanie Kenyon refused, saying the money had gone toward storage of the uncollected works. The two sides sued each other, and in June a Montgomery County judge ruled in favor of Alexandra Fastov.
Source: Washington Post 

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