Greetings From Louisville, Assets 2019

ISA has again has again planned and executed another excellent appraisal conference. I have been enjoying the networking, sessions, and surrounding Louisville attractions and restaurants. I have spoken with many fellow appraisers and leadership representatives from AAA and ASA and all seem to be enjoying the conference.

The program has been excellent, and ISA is planning many new initiatives and partnering endeavors. The number of new and younger appraisers at this conference is amazing. I am totally impressed by their advanced arts education, knowledge base, professionalism and skill set. I think the future of appraising is safe given the types of young appraisers I see coming into ISA and the profession. I also keep hearing talk of more appraisers looking at bridging into ISA due to its appraisal methodology and theory education, events, networking, collegian atmosphere, opportunities and marketing programs like the Private Client Services.

Of course one announced sponsorship has been the sponsorship of the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice. The Journal and its articles are currently online and ready for viewing and download. Click HERE to receive your free copy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you have interest in contributing an article please let me know. I have already received one proposal with a nearly complete article on photograph as well as interest from several other appraisers.

A small group from Private Client Services has been working on an introductory video for an upcoming marketing program on diminution of value. This will include online modules on working with conservators, insurance underwriters and collectors. I will post more on this PCS series as we develop the modules and dates.

The awards luncheon was just held (Sunday Luncheon), and I honored to have received a leadership award for developing the new digital journal as well as assisting in the creation and development of ISAs Private Client Services. Unfortunately I missed the presentation as I decided to go to Feast BBQ for lunch with a fellow appraiser. Excellent, and I am sorry I missed the presentation, but I made the right decision. I love checking out local places and great BBQ is always high on my list of things to do.

Later this evening we have the Foundation for Appraisal Education's reception at the Kentucky Derby Museum, then heading home after some meetings and reports to the ISA Board.

I should be back to normal posts in the next few days. In the meantime, download a PDF of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

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