On MY Way to ISA Annual Conference and the New Digital Journal

I left this morning (Wed) for Louisville, KY and the ISA Annual Conference, Assets 2019 at the Brown Hotel. Looks like we have a strong showing of members and allied professionals attending the conference, with some excellent programming. I will try to post as I can and time allows.

Keep an eye on the blog and your morning emails as the new Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice will be announced and become available online for free. It can be read either online as a flipbook or download as a PDF.

The new journal is sponsored by ISA's new Private Client Services, and will be published twice a year, in the spring and fall. There are seven articles in the new Digital Journal, with some very interesting topics and contributions.

The ISA Private Client Services will host the new Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice on its website and direct toward the flipbook and downloadable PDF. Initially, the journal will be available to download and/or view without charge. In doing so, we will avoid the past problems of getting the journal and its appraisal and valuation related articles in front of fellow appraisers, collectors and allied professionals. With online delivery, the reach, readership, exposure and influence of the journal should increase exponentially.

If you are interested in contributing an article for the fall edition, please send me an article proposal.

The table of contents from the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice.

  • "An Overview of the Many Ways That An Appraiser Can Assist the Private Client Services Community" by Sarah Reeder, ISA CAPP
  • "Art Crimes and Misdemeanors: Managing Risk in Estate Administration and In Appraisals of Stigmatized Art" by Sarah Moore Johnson, Esq. and Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP
  • "The Dynamics of Valuing Emerging Art and Artists" by David Shapiro
  • "Appraising Designer Furniture: The Challenge of Authenticity and False Identities" by Soodie Beasley, AAA, ASA
  • "Valuing Beauties: The Bijin in Japanese Prints" by Daphne Lange Rosenzweig, PhD, ISA CAPP
  • "Appraising Chinese Glass: A Guide to Objects & Connoisseurship" by Susan Lahey, MA, ISA AM
  • From the Archives: "Introduction to Research for Art Appraisers" by Tom McNulty

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