Brown Furniture - Is It Coming Back?

Fellow appraiser Marcu Wardell, ISA AM send me an interesting article from the Financial Times on antique brown furniture. As many long time readers of the AW Blog are aware of, the Financial Times has requested that I do post their article content. With that, if you are interested in the article, I recommend you follow the below link, you might have to register and read the article.

There are some interesting quotes, such as "Many auction houses concentrate on profitable jewellery, Chinese antiques and modern art, hence there is little training for newcomers to appraise and catalogue classic furniture." and there is some comments that the market is improving due online platforms and detailed images. And, some sectors, such as early English Oak is strengthening for rare pieces.

The article notes current pricing is very good for collectors, and it is an excellent time to buy and expand collections.

For all furniture appraisers and generalists, this is a good article to print out and save, and refer to when writing a market analysis.

The Financial Times reports
Brown furniture is back - Antique wooden pieces have rarely been so cheap, so now is the time to treat yourself to a piece of history

It is a familiar phrase in the antiques world: “brown furniture is back”. Yet the promise has proved to be the wishful thinking of auctioneers pursuing their 20 per cent commission. Plain wooden furniture has rarely been so cheap: at regional auction houses, buyers can often pick up a late 17th-century oak or elm gateleg dining table with finely turned legs for under £100 — and sometimes half that.
Source: The Financial Times

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