1,000+ Views - Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice

This past Friday afternoon the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice surpassed 1,000 views.

The Journal was announced and became available for flip-book viewing and PDF downloads at the ISA Annual Conference in the middle of April. I had expected viewership to be strong, but 1,000 views in about 6 weeks time has certainly outpaced my high expectations in viewership and in general for the success of the Journal.

When shifting from the print format to the online flip-book edition, along with no fees, I knew there would be strong interest, yet 1,000 views in such a short period of time shows the interest in professional and scholarly writings from within our profession.

In the past iteration, several hundred copies were printed and sold, but many were not aware of the publication and the strength of its content since 2008. The digital reach is now extremely wide, and it is getting into the hands of fellow appraisers and allied professionals.

The Journal contributors are now getting great exposure for their specialty area knowledge, expertise and appraising at an advanced level. This will enhance contributors exposure as well as credibility in multiple areas including when working with gatekeepers, HNWIs, allied professionals, seeking out complex and high paying assignments and vetting for expert witness testimony.

If you have not yet viewed and read the articles, visit our sponsor, the International Society of Appraisers Private Client Services by CLICKING HERE.

The Spring Edition of the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice includes the following articles:

  • "An Overview of the Many Ways That An Appraiser Can Assist the Private Client Services Community" by Sarah Reeder, ISA CAPP
  • "Art Crimes and Misdemeanors: Managing Risk in Estate Administration and In Appraisals of Stigmatized Art" by Sarah Moore Johnson, Esq. and Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP
  • "The Dynamics of Valuing Emerging Art and Artists" by David Shapiro
  • "Appraising Designer Furniture: The Challenge of Authenticity and False Identities" by Soodie Beasley, AAA, ASA
  • "Valuing Beauties: The Bijin in Japanese Prints" by Daphne Lange Rosenzweig, PhD, ISA CAPP
  • "Appraising Chinese Glass: A Guide to Objects & Connoisseurship" by Susan Lahey, MA, ISA AM
  • From the Archives: "Introduction to Research for Art Appraisers" by Tom McNulty
I would like to thank the authors for their contributions and in making the new digital journal a success.

With sponsorship and hosting from ISA’s Private Client Services, the new Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice contains content geared for higher-level assignments and more advanced appraisals. The Journal’s content focuses on High-Net-Worth Individuals and building client bases of museum collections, advanced collectors, estate planning attorneys, private bankers, financial planners and other allied professionals.

The Journal is written and complied specifically for personal property appraisers and professionals from related and associated fields and includes original research articles and advanced appraisal principles and methodologies from a variety of perspectives and approaches.

I am will soon start finalizing the Fall edition of the Digital Journal of Advanced Appraisal Practice and I am looking for advanced appraisal content interesting allied professional articles. If you have an idea for an article and are looking to increase your professional exposure and promote you expertise in complex assignments, please send me an article proposal.

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