Clare McAndrew and Art Market Reports

Mark Bench sent me an interesting article from the Financial Times about art economist Clare McAndrew. Unfortunately, I cant post the full article (only first paragraph) as the FT in the past has contacted me about their sharing and reproduction restrictions, so all I can post is the first paragraph. Many times articles are also behind paywalls, but this article is open to read just by following the link.

I found it interesting as it looks at how Ms McAndrew has developed her reports and in some of the difficulties in finding credible published data in a rather opaque market. Her 2019 art market report will be published in March. I always look forward to her reports, extremely well detailed and comprehensive in scope. This is an art market report all appraisers should read. Great content for trends and art market analysis for appraisal reports.

The Financial Times reports (follow the source link for the full article)
There aren’t many people who describe themselves as an art economist — and for good reason. The art market is notoriously difficult to measure, with the bulk of business going unreported and a swathe of below-the-radar traders. Clare McAndrew is an exception to the rule, and the only art economist to regularly measure the macro market.
Source: The Financial Times 

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