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I think it is great the NY Observer is taking the art market seriously and is starting to report on the fine and decorative arts. Alexander Peers has an interesting article in the NY Observer, including an interview with Sergey Skaterschikov. Skaterschikov analyzes the art market, particularly Russian art. His company, Skate's Art Market Research performs research on both art market and individual artists, produces research reports for collectors and operates an art market stock fund.

Skaterschikov has some interesting perspective on the art market, including why gallery sales are still struggling when compared to the large international auction house and private sales.

The interview is interesting as Skaterschikov reveals how he formed his client base and points out the importance of Russia buyers in the art market.

Peers reports

Sergey Skaterschikov has an unusual specialty: art-market analysis. Almost unheard of two decades ago, it is a rapidly expanding field. But the Moscow-born Mr. Skaterschikov's particular expertise is the Russian buyers who have played an increasingly pivotal role in the past five years of art buying, especially at the top end. With sponsors that include Russia's largest commercial bank, Alfa, he founded the Insiders Club in Moscow, an art discussion group for the high-net-worth set.

His six-year-old company, Skate's Art Market Research, has a partnership deal with collector Peter Brant's Brant Publications and a database of the 5,000 most expensive artworks. It rates the market performance of artists, produces research reports for collectors on individual paintings and runs an art-stocks index based on the few publicly traded art-business companies.
To read the full article and interview, click HERE.

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