Clarifications on Haunch of Venison and Robert Goff

The other day I posted about a NY Observer article on gallerist Robert Goff and Christie's owned Haunch of Venison.  Goff is joining Haunch as a Director in the fall.  After posting on the NY Observer article I was contacted by Prentice Art Communications, Inc who is representing Haunch with some clarifications to the article. The following is the Media Alert from Haunch on Robert Goff as sent to me by Prentice Art Communications.

Gallerist Robert Goff to Join Haunch of Venison

Emilio Steinberger and Barrett White are pleased to announce that gallerist Robert Goff will join Haunch of Venison New York as a Director in the fall. Goff is a respected member of the art community whose eponymous gallery was best known for cultivating strong relationships between their artists and the curatorial and museum communities, an objective that remains continually important to Goff in his new role at Haunch of Venison. Before entering the gallery world, he spent three years at Forbes Magazine as a journalist reporting on collectors, collecting and the auction business before joining EyeStorm as its Vice President of Business Development. Artists whose careers Goff has carefully managed for years, including Isca Greenfield-Sanders and Ahmed Alsoudani will be incorporated in Haunch of Venison's global gallery program. In addition to continuing to manage these artists, Goff will focus on facilitating private sales and bringing exciting new artists like Susanne Kuhn and the sculptor Kevin Francis Gray into the program.

For information please contact Bettina Prentice at Prentice Art Communications, Inc:
T (212) 228-4048
E bettina@bettinaprentice.com

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